The Blues Step

* The finish and layout are for information purpose only
AVAILABLE IN: 20’X20’(800 ft²) 24’X24’ (1152 ft²) 28’X28’(1568 ft²)

The “Blues Step” retains its single-slope front/rear design, but this time is offered in a 2-storey format.

With its simple, easy-to-install configuration, you’ll quickly want to install your choice of exterior and interior finishes. You’ll be able to give it the soul and warmth it deserves, while enhancing it to suit your needs or those of your family.

It’s still available in our 3 basic sizes, but with an extra floor you can get double the space without changing your footprint. This model is also available in an enlarged front format (in multiples of 2′) to meet your specific needs.

Ideal for all types of projects, you’ll be charmed by its cathedral ceiling, which will add prestige and panache to your home and make you the envy of your friends and family.

Plan for construction

Complete plan compliant for permit application


  • 16’’ I-Joist floor beam
  • Rim Doard
  • 3/4¨ T+G Floor Oriented Strand Board (O.S.B.)

Ready to receive the floor covering of your choice

Wall Insulation R32 effective

  • Wall kit OSBLOCK™ including:
    • Start/end rail
    • Corners
    • Patented OSBLOCK™ lock
    • Key for lock
    • Carrying handle for block
  • Lintels
  • Exterior House Wrap
  • Exterior 1 x 3 strapping
  • Interior already strapped with the OSBLOCK™ wall

*No vapor barrier required*

Ready to receive the exterior and interior finish of your choice



  • 16’’ Roof I-joist
  • 5/8¨ T+G Roof Oriented Strand Board (O.S.B.)
  • Eave protector (Self-adhesive membrane)
  • Double cornice
  • Shingled strater (flashing)
  • Standard asphalt shingles 25 years
  • Roof ventilation

Ceiling Insulation R44.5 effective

    • R40 insulating fiberglass wool
  • Rigid insulating panels ½ R4.5
  • 1 x 3 Strapping

Ready to receive the ceiling finish of your choice


Doors and windows

  • Allowance of $$$$$ for the purchase of doors and windows of your choice

Basic hardware:

  • Screws, nails, membranes, tapes, urethane, etc.

Modification on plan (applicable fees)
Transportation from factory to project site (applicable fees)

House with floor

20×20 (800 ft²) STARTING AT 57 000$+tax
24×24 (1152 ft²) STARTING AT 69 995$+tax
28×28 (1568 ft²) STARTING AT 89 995$+tax