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Born from a reflection and the observation that contractors and self-builders have less and less time to take care of all the stages of their project, Kit-O-Max has set out to mission to make life easier for them by taking crucial steps of a project under its wing. And while we’re at it, why not offer something that really meets the need in performance of a sustainable home.

This is where our team decided to offer all the necessary material for the design of a waterproof building envelope. From the floor to the effective R-32 walls, the complete roof insulated and covered with shingles and even the windows.

As we knew that the needs for this offer would not be limited to just a few dimensions, we also decided to offer these kits in various basic formats that you can enlarge at your convenience. With Kit-O-Max a construction project becomes quick and easy since everything is available and in stock, so no more waiting for submissions and order deadlines.

What could be better than being relieved of shopping for our project envelope knowing that someone thought of it for us.