Maximize your time

How many hours do you plan to spend shopping for your various materials and talking with all the suppliers? Kit-O-Max has already done it for you and even provides you with the plan to obtain your building permit.

Maximize performance and comfort

We offer you a high-performance solution for your walls by combining OSBLOCK™ to your project. Efficient R-32 walls that install quickly and offer superior soundproofing in addition to limiting losses on your site.

Maximize adaptability

Even if the basic models do not change, the plans are reversible or the interior arrangements can be adapted to your desires.

Maximize deadlines

Kit-O-Max keeps inventory available for fast delivery directly to your job site. No more need to coordinate various suppliers and have to manage deadlines.

Maximize flexibility

Kit-O-Max offers you basic formats that can stretch to one side or the other allowing you to have the project best suited to your needs and your tastes.

Maximize your freedom

The quicker the project can be completed, the more time it leaves you to do other things. Plus Kit-O-Max makes purchasing materials easy by supporting multiple project steps so you can focus on other things.